10 Day Vipassana Fasting Retreat

What is it about:

  • Vipassana means seeing things as they really are (Buddhist Practice)
  • Involves concentrated fasting in a specific manner for 10 consecutive days
  • Intense meditation practices throughout the day  
  • For best results done in a group setting for purposes of support and encouragement
  • Building of inner Chi/Prana – Life Force Energy
  • Tapping into higher consciousness and your state of knowing, wisdom and deep listening  
  • Releasing energy blocks across the physical, cognitive, emotional and spiritual layers   

  What are the benefits:

  • Increased awareness, connection to self  and creativity
  • Remaining equanimous
  • Detox from life
  • Practice of Stillness and Silence
  • Challenges your mental structures and constructs
  • Feeling of empowerment and achievement into who you really are

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