Negative Emotional Cord Cutting

Emotional Cord Cutting frees one from people connections and situations from the past that may be weighing one down.  It also enhances the relationships one keeps.  It is a very freeing and empowering experience, and an important healing modality.

Attachments to other people are the result of any intimate interaction and every relationship over time. These are emotional cords and allow the two people to be in energetic contact with each other at all times. These cords carry their connection to each other.

When a relationship, with a person or situation, ends it involves emotional pain and an adjustment over time. This period of time is usually equivalent to the time it takes for the cord to detach and dissolve, or the wound created as it is traumatically detached to heal over. One’s energy may be drained by old relationships or situations, you may be unable to disconnect from someone no matter what you do, you may be grieving a loss or you may have trouble leaving an event or situation behind. Cord cutting helps to eliminate attachments, speeds up the healing time and eliminates a lot of the energy going from the affected person to other people.

When one cuts a cord of attachment, you are lifting out and removing the negative behavioural, emotional and mental patterns that circulate between you and the other person.  If the cordee is still alive, then your relationship can improve as a result.  But not just that – your overall personal power and clarity can improve.  If the cordee is dead or you are not in contact, then it becomes a lot easier to put the negative aspects (and thoughts) of that particular relationship behind you.  Emotional Cord Cutting also strengthens the positive connections in your life by forming new, healthier energy cords.

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Dhani from Rainbow Therapies is a Reiki Master and Energy, Colour and Spiritual Therapist doing therapies like Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Brain Balancing, Colour Therapy, Crystal Therapy, Negative Emotional Cord Cutting and Emotional Healing. To compliment his therapies practice he started the Rainbow Therapies Shop where one can find a wide variety esoteric items ranging from unique Jewellery, Pendlums, Aroma Oils & Chakra Oils, to Chakra Candles, Buddhas & Deities, Chakra Shirts and Hand-rolled Masala Incense, to name but a few.

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