What is Joy and why are some of us unable to attain it and live it fully

Joy is a feeling, that if you simply allow you will experience. Its that easy.  I was scanning through a few YouTubes the other night and there was a lady presenting at a TEDx talk. She asked two questions: (i) Are you happy or not and (ii) Why? I watched this youtube with my teenage son listening in the background. When she asked the first question and then pushed for the second question, my son retorted without giving it much thought.  He said simply if you are happy, great! then be happy. If you are not then don’t be but why must we entertain the thought of having to answer the “Why”. Typical teenager response by saying “who cares” if you are or not – just be happy or not.    

So why then do we seek trying to understand it. Why do we invest time in unpacking what’s not working then try to fix it.  Is there a journey to finding joy?  Others are not responsible to bring us joy (they can but its not their responsibility to continuously fuel us with it). So what can we do to experience it for ourselves? 

  • Create the platform for joy to happen and allow others to contribute to it.
  • Suspend judgement
  • Suspend expectations
  • Suspend the overthinking – focus on the feeling
  • Recognise that it is a moment and that the moment will pass – don’t hold on to it or try to recreate it. The next moment of joy is sure to come along.
  • Joy is not there – its here
  • Its not when that happens but its what’s happening now.
  • It’s not with those people only, it can be with these people too.

So, why make it so difficult ? Become the source of it , become the platform that creates it , become playful , innocent, light. Receive love given or be love needed.  Caring and sharing brings joy, purpose brings joy, being in the now creates joy. Joy is especially joy if it talks to what’s needed inside you. What do you need today? 

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