Adaptation Journey

What is it about:

  • Ontological Coaching session (60-90 mins) with the Ceremony facilitator explaining the ceremony requirements as well as undertaking an assessment of the participants current emotional, spiritual needs.
  • Pre-Ceremony preparations (fasting and intention setting).
  • Ceremony (5-7 hours) – allow a minimum of 7 days of pre-preparation before attending the Ceremony
  • Post Ceremony discussion and closing
  • Added on to a Group of fellow participants for added support and continuous journeying deeper and deeper into the rediscovery of self.

What are the benefits:

Mystical experience steered towards self -healing and connection to divinity within you.
· Successful in dealing with or reducing the symptoms of fears, anxieties and a variety of mental disorders
· Facilitates the rediscovery process of who we are – to awaken your conscious mind
· Tap into your shadow side (if you so choose)
· Provides an individual with an avenue to get in touch with their deepest self as well as understanding of the level of consciousness, the universe and your souls journey.


  • Ontological coaching sessions post the Ancient Plant Ceremony to access your next.