Spiritual Science

Advanced Group Session: 8- month Programme , Group meets bi-monthly.

What is it about:

  • Finding your context that you are here to serve within – going beyond your fear
  • Sacred Ceremonies
  • Activation of your essence (as allowed by your higher consciousness)
  • Energy Protection Techniques and Energy Block releases
  • Deep understanding of the Soul’s Solo Journey 
  • Learning to let go of the image you hold yourself to
  • Deeply discovering /remembering who you are 
  • Shadow work
  • Attraction/manifestation through increasing levels of consciousness
  • Finding and experiencing Joy and tapping into knowing /wisdom
  • Publication of your Articles/Journals /Blogs via a common public platform offering differing perspectives 
  • Access to Ontological Coaches
  • Choice of 10 day Vipassana Fasting or regression sessions.  

What are the benefits:

  • Developing a deeper experience to your vastness
  • Awakening to who you are
  • Attracting and living the life of purpose
  • Developing ability to serve, with a high degree of  centredness
  • Advanced Prana/Chi meditation techniques

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