Grounded Fire

My journey into all things spiritual, psychological and ontological commenced several years ago. Having faced several challenges of my own, I had no choice but to search for answers. I constantly felt that at every turn I took wonder and joy seemed to have vanished from me. The answers to my seeking unfolded (and continues to unfold) with one step magically leading to the next. I have been lead down a path that is mysterious, the unknown and beautiful beyond words.  As we evolve our individual level of consciousness, we discover a depth and vastness that is universally understood only by those who have traveled it. Finding my purpose was not as linear and one dimensional as I thought it would be. It has lead me to doing the work I find myself doing now., that being to remind  all Beings that life is much more than ordinary or worse yet painful.  

I chose Grounded Fire as my alias (not only because it aligns with who I am). But because it represents mystery, power, creativity and intensity. These qualities exist in all of us. If our flame is ignited but not firmly rooted or is never ignited (spiritually awakened) to begin with then the focus of life becomes ordinary, known and predetermined. I have become an Ontological Coach and Reiki Practitioner to offer different possibilities of looking at life. Possibilities that could steer you towards finding your own kind of Joy and Wonder.

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