Joy And Wonder

Group Session: Magical full day session geared towards an experience of Wonder and Joy (toolkit to a transformational shift from survival mode to thriving mode)  

What is it about:

  • Facilitated by team of Coaches /Practitioners- Trusted Enigma’s that have walked the path to Joy and wonder.   
  • Ideally for a Group of minimum of 10 people
  • The  team is taken on a magical experience of living in Joy and wonder (away from seeing the world through the lens of fear, exhaustion, blandness and constant survival mode- there must be more to life !!
  • Clients experiment with the mystical side of  life bringing up moments of awe.
  • Program based on Ontological coaching techniques with a combination of basic principles of Spirituality.
  • Provided with a toolkit to ensure you continue to practice self- care and self love allowing you to grow and connect to the flow of life, joy, creativity and your personal power.  

What are the benefits:

  • Adopting a new perspective on what Being Human is about
  • Living in the ease and flow of life – tapping into personal power and creativity 
  • Swopping out fear- based choices to love- based choices in everyday life.
  • Practice of Stillness allowing yourself access to wisdom and connectedness (knowing).

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