Creation of Wealth and/or Abundance  

What is it about:

  • Theoretical understanding of how to manifest your dreams
  • How has manifestation worked in your life previously and what did you do
  • Attendance to an ancient medicine plant ceremony
  • Intention setting for the ceremony
  • Post Ceremony discussion
  • (preferably in a group session of minimum 5 participant ) sharing like- minded intentions)

What are the benefits:

  • Creating a new reality that you want  
  • Understanding of what is required to move your being  towards thriving mode
  • Ontological coaching sessions (to be added on should you require assistance achieving your aspirations).  
  • Deeper understanding to who you are and the purpose you are meant to live.  


  • Ontological coaching sessions pre and post the Ancient Plant Ceremony to unpack any blockers to your personal manifestation.

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