Ontological Coaching

What is it about:

  • Ontological Coaching session (60-90 mins) with experienced and qualified Coaches
  • This Coaching is like no other coaching- it is not focused on just goal setting and monitoring of goals to reach a specified outcome, but rather on you as the individual and how you pitch up and the patterns you follow/have been following for years that you rely on to come to your outcomes.
  • Ontological coaching places emphasis on the three main domains we use as human beings (language, emotion and body) that provides the coach with an indication of where your blind spots may be. Changes in any one of the domains provides the client with a new possibility to create a different path to their desire outcome.
  • The Coach has been trained to be a true listener, fully present, deeply centred and compassionate to the clients journey travelled.

What are the benefits:

  • Deeper understanding of self (triggers, patterns, behaviours, fears)
  • Development of emotional and spiritual self
  • Self-care and Meditation techniques
  • Realisations and distinction made that can facilitate creation of new possibilities in your everyday life.

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