Past Life Regression

What is it about:

  • This is done through deep meditative techniques.
  • Awareness and realizations of  childhood traumas /experiences that you may not be aware of that has had an impact on you  
  • Restoring of family bonds  through healing of the ancestral lineage  
  • Discover and heal the past life experiences that unlock your abundance and power to manifest in your present
  • Deeper understanding of your fears, shame , guilt and anger  that you have suppressed
  • Release energy blocks that prevent your experience of joy, abundance, self worth, courage, etc.

Add-on (additional costs)

  • 60-90 minutes massage therapy to move energy trapped in your body, allowing revitalising and cleansing of the human system across the energetic layers.

Add-on (Sacred Ceremony)

  • Sacred ceremony to awaken and unravel your level of consciousness through a 5-7 hour sacred ceremony (either alone or in a group session).  

  What are the benefits:

  • Exploring the unknown, allowing the opportunity to create a new reality
  • Releasing feelings of heaviness and disconnectedness.
  • Awareness of old patterns and the generation of different possibilities if emergence of new patterns are allowed.
  • Opportunity to gain inner strength and hope in the present moment

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