Selvyn Dorasamy

As a baby I grew up in a muti shop, around 3-4 years old, I spent some of my days with my dad harvesting muti(traditional African medicines) in the bush. I learned the names of many medicines, by the time I was 10, but, which adult would trust a youngster!
I left it all behind by the time I was 16, pursuing a career more acceptable in a western society.
My love was always with plants though, I have both green fingers and toes.
I spent many years hibernating and growing, and about 20 years ago, after working as a qualified computer network technician for a while, I began working with my meds again, started honing my energy work, regression therapy, my massage work and plant meds, to help clients release.
I am a qualified ontological coach, I currently work using the plants, the energy, and this deep universal wisdom, to help create an awakening, and a shift to love consciousness.
I am LOVE.

Facilitating healing through LOVE

From this love connection comes my ability to serve, this ‘I’ does nothing, this energy that flows through me allows the work to be done with your permission, no one can claim to heal you, only you heal you, when you decide you are ready to be healed you become a healer of the self. My work involves using different methods, multiple in many cases, deep massage therapy (stored energy release), hypnotherapy through regression, the use of medicinal plants, and teacher plants, and of cause ontological coaching before, through and after our sessions.